Prism is a clinical and operational analytics platform designed specifically to help Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) improve their knowledge of their data. Prism is a highly scalable solution built on Elastic Search.


  • Scalable, Near Real-time
    • Extensive APIs for real-time data integration
    • Horizontally scalable platform for data ingestion and query
  • Full Data Visibility
    • Leaves NO data behind
      • Visibility into ALL data elements
      • Structured and full text search (Google like search)
    • Extensive data exploration capabilities 
  • Deep Insight
    • Extensive and easy to use reporting and visualization capabilities
    • Wizard-like “Study” feature  for complex analysis
  • Extensible
    • Not fixed reporting
    • Designed to allow users explore and analyze for custom use cases

For more information on Prism contact Glenn Keet.